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Re-cord Tracking

Re-Cord Track

You will need a screwdriver to re-cord most tracks.

Re-Cord Track

Remove the track from its brackets and place face down on a flat surface. Remove all the fittings and cord.

Re-Cord Track

Thread cord through track pulleys as shown by arrows above starting with pulley 1.
Knot A and B cord ends together.
Place both cords inside track section.
Secure pulley 1 onto track with screws.

Re-Cord Track

Push knotted cord between plastic sliders of carrier 1.

Re-Cord Track

Hook knot over lug on carrier 1.
Place both cords inside track section then slide carrier 1 onto track making sure the knotted cord remains at the top.
Crossing cords over will result in jamming when drawing curtains.

Push bottom cord between plastic slides of carrier 2.
Slide carrier 2 onto track section making sure this cord remains at the bottom.
Do not hook cord over lug on carrier 2 at this stage.

Place pulley 2 onto track section and secure with screws.
Draw the cord until the right hand carrier 1 is as far to the right as possible.
Holding the cords taut, push carrier 2 as far to the left as possible.
Hook cord over the lug on carrier 2 to secure it.

Replace sliders at each end. Re-attach track onto brackets and re-hang curtains.

This method will give you a right hand cord drop. If you require a left hand cord, just reverse all operations above.

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