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Colour Hints

Colour Guide

Colour choice can mean the difference between a warm, cosy living area and a modern, open, airy effect. When choosing fabrics and colours for your window treatments remember the effect colours can have in the perspective of a room. Is the room small or large? Are the ceilings high or low? Are you using plain, floral or patterned fabrics? Are the designs small or large? Below you will find just a few handy hints to keep in mind when choosing window treatments.

1. In large quantities colour stands out much more, appearing far stronger than on small paint cards or fabric swatch.
2. Co-Ordination of colour helps create a cohesive impression. Co-ordinate colours in adjoining rooms - bedrooms with ensuites, lounge and dining rooms, kitchens with family rooms.
3. A natural background accentuated with stronger colours in accessories will allow you to change the decor of a room more often and with less expense by simply changing the accessories.
4. When shopping it is worth taking a small sample of colour with you, it is very hard to exactly match a shade by memory.
5. Dark colours tend to make a room look smaller or a ceiling appear lower, while light colours make a room seem larger ant the ceiling higher.
6. Warm shades relax while cool colours sooth the senses. Colours repeated in a spontaneous pattern help to 'break up' a large room without making it seem overcrowded.

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