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S-Fold / Wave Curtains

S-Fold or Wave pleat curtains by The Curtain Company are a great alternative curtain product to a standard pinch pleat or pencil pleat curtain. S-Fold curtains offer a modern and stylish finish that will look great using a range of different fabrics and sheers. Using a sheer curtain with a blockout lining behind will create a beautiful finish which will make any room appear light and airy.

Benefits of an S-Fold / Wave Curtain:
- Modern Look: S-Fold curtains are generally the most popular choice in curtains for any modern home or if you are trying to modernize your house.
- Soft Look: The hanging of an S-Fold curtain gives a nice soft look, select from delicate sheers or heavy curtains, S-Fold will always look great.

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Wave Curtains

Wave Curtains

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