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Reverse Pleat Curtains

Reverse Pleat Curtains

Reverse pleat curtains which can be referred to as inverted pleat curtains are a great heading to create a smooth clean look finish. Reverse pleats are the same as pinch pleat curtains except the pleat is at the back of the curtain, by having it this way, it creates a flatter finish heading but still keeps the curtain with the correct fullness. The reverse pleat creates a smart, tailored but modern appearance, suitable for a clean and minimalist style for the contemporary or modern home.

Benefits of Reverse Pleat Curtains:
- Tailored Look: Reverse pleat curtains offer a very tailored look, suitable with all types of curtains and sheers.
- Modern: Excellent for modern homes, reverse pleats are stylish with a clean look finish.
- Stack-Less: A new concept, stack-less reverse pleats stack back into the smallest size compared to any other heading.


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Reverse Pleat Curtains Reverse Pleat Curtains

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